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Youth Programs COVID policies and information for Youth programs only

Youth Programs COVID Information and Policies

Please note that the information for all Youth Summer Camps is submitted through Camp Docs. This differs from other programs.  

What is the Youth Programs COVID vaccination policy?

All information regarding COVID policies (school year and summer camps) is subject to change without notice. Face coverings (masks) are optional.

Vaccination Policy for Youth Summer Camps:

  • Montgomery College Youth Programs uses CampDocs to maintain required information for your child/children. In CampDocs, there is a question as to if your child is vaccinated. If they are vaccinated, you will be able to enter the dates and/or a photo of their vaccination card. This is not required, but helpful information for Montgomery College to have. Montgomery College Youth Programs is collecting this information so that an appropriate response can be made if needed.

What is Camp Docs? ( For Summer Camps


  • We will be using  to maintain all required forms and information for your child/children. This way you only have to fill it out once. You will receive an email  from  within a few days from the time we receive your child's summer camp registration form.
  • All required forms must be completed by the due date
  • Your child will not be permitted to attend class until the profile is complete.

Questions? Please contact the

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