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Youth Programs for Students in Grades 1-12

Looking for fun, exciting, and educational classes and camps for students in grades 1-12 throughout the year?

Youth Program Summer Camps offer hundreds of classes. Check out the links below..

School Year Programs offer programs after school or on weekends. Kids's College has enrichment classes and lots of STEAM. And Online Classes provide support for math and science for middle school and high school students.. And Piano lessons.

Youth Summer 2021 Special Information:

Youth Summer Programs at MC

young man in computer camp

School Year Programs

At this time school year programs are not listed in this web portal.

Information about school year programs may be found at the regular Youth school year web pages

Kids' College

School year programs offered in the Fall and Spring, after school and on weekends.
For more information visit the Kids' College Web page and brochure. 

Online Support for Math and Science

Also available is a variety of choices for support for students in math and science. Topics include Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Visit Youth School Year Programs for class and registration information.

young girl taking piano lessons

Piano Fun  for Grades 1-12

Offered in the Fall and the Spring. For more information visit Youth Piano web page