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Youth Programs Frequently Asked Questions

Youth Programs Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

You will find a selection of frequently asked questions about the Youth Programs. if you have any further questions you should contact

You may find answers to many of your questions in the:    FAQs

How do I create a new student profile?

  • To assist you, view the video: How to Create a New Student Profile
  • Important things to remember when creating a student profile: 
    • Each child must have their own student profile
    • Parents, please use the child's name for the student profile, not yours.
      • Parents, you will have the chance to list your name when you enter your credit card information.
    • Email address and phone Number.
      • Use the parent email and phone number. Why? If we need to contact you, we need an email / phone that is checked periodically.
      • During summer camps, we will email you instructions about the required health forms from Camp Docs.

What about returning students?

  • If you attended a Youth class the summer of 2021 or later:
    • You should already have created an MC-Augusoft student profile.
      • Click the login button at the top of the page and enter your user name and password.
      • if you cannot remember user name or password, just click the "forgot" button for assistance.
  • If you attended a Youth program at Montgomery College prior to 2021:
    • You should already have a MYMC profile, but not a MC-Augusoft profile.
      • So, you will need to follow the directions to create a new student profile.
      • If you know your MYMC user name it would be helpful to use that as your user name in MC-Augusoft when creating a new student profile.

What is the difference between MYMC and MC-Augusoft?

  • MYMC loginis the traditional Montgomery College (MC) student user name and password. That is college-wide. You may access student transcripts and register for all Montgomery College and WDCE classes except YOUTH through MYMC.
  • MC-Augusoft login is used to access which is the new system that we are using for Youth ONLY registrations.

What do I do, if I need to update the student profile?

Youth Registration Age Restrictions

  • Question:I want to register my child for a class with age restriction of ages 10-12. I tried to register, and the system would not let me due to age restriction. What can I do?
  • Answer:We realize that age / grade / birthdate can affect which class your child should take. If you feel your child belongs in a specific class, and does not meet the age group listed,  either too young or too old, for the ages listed with the course,please contact:

What is the Youth Withdrawal/Refund Policy?

  • Withdrawal from class up to and including 21 days prior to the start of the class - Full Refund.
  • Withdrawal from a class less than 21 days prior to the class - No Refund.
  • If a class is administratively cancelled, you will receive a full refund.
  • Please note that these Youth refund policies differ from and supercede refund policies for all other non-Youth classes.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the

How do I withdraw or drop a class?

What is the Youth Transfer Policy for Summer Camps?

  • If you need to transfer from one class to another, the Withdrawal/Refund policy timeline applies.
  • Please contact the with details of your request.
  • If approved:
    • Customer Service will drop you from the first class and process a refund for this class.
      • The refund should appear on your credit card statement in 2-5 business days.
    • Customer Service will register you for the alternate class and email you a payment request.
      • Please login to your child’s account and submit the payment within 48 hours. To submit the payment, please go to My Transaction then click on Pay Now and make a payment with your credit card.

Supervised Lunch for ALL DAY Campers

  • Supervised lunch period (Free) for students taking all-day classes, or a morning + afternoon class. Students must bring a lunch from home.
  • Students taking ONLY a morning or afternoon class are not eligible.

What is the COVID vaccination policy?

Please note that the information for all Youth Summer camps is submitted throught Camp Docs. This differs from other programs at the College.

  • All information regarding COVID policies (school year and summer camps) is subject to change without notice.
  • Face coverings (masks) are optional at this time. 

Vaccination Policy for Youth Summer Camps:

  • Montgomery College Youth Programs uses CampDocs to maintain required information for your child/children. In CampDocs, there is a question as to if your child is vaccinated. If they are vaccinated, you will be able to enter the dates and/or a photo of their vaccination card. This is not required, but helpful information for Montgomery College to have. Montgomery College Youth Programs is collecting this information so that an appropriate response can be made if needed.

What is Camp Docs? ( For Summer Camps

  • We will be using  to maintain all required forms and information for your child/children. This way you only have to fill it out once. You will receive an email  from  within a few days from the time we receive your child's summer camp registration form.
  • All required forms must be completed by the due date
  • Your child will not be permitted to attend class until the profile is complete.

How do I print out a receipt from Lumens?

  • If you need to print out a student's transcript for tax purposes, or other reasons follow the directions in the PDF: How to Print A Youth Transcript. 
  • Montgomery College Youth Program Tax ID is 52-0891845

Are Scholarships Available?

Who are the instructors, and what are their qualifications?

  • Youth Programs Instructors make up a highly qualified cadre of Montgomery College faculty and staff, certified public or private school teachers, and practitioners in the field they teach. All of them have undergone extensive background checks. 

How do I know which course to select for my children?

  • Each class lists appropriate age or grade level. Read the course description for any prerequisites or other information which may help you make the correct decision. If you have any questions, please contact the Youth Program.

Does your child have a disability/challenge (e.g. physical, learning, psychological, emotional, behavioral, etc.) or a medical condition that could affect his/her participation in a regular classroom?

  • Montgomery College is committed to providing equal access to educational opportunities for students with disabilities. We recognize that individuals with disabilities may need reasonable accommodations to have equally effective opportunities to participate in or benefit from college educational programs, services and activities. If you indicate that your child has a disability/challenge on your registration form, you will be contacted to determine your child's needs and if reasonable accommodations should and can be made. You may also contact  our disability counselor.

Who has to pay the out of state fee, also known as the Non-Maryland Resident Fee?

  • Any student who does not live in the state of Maryland pays the non-resident fee. Some non-U.S. citizens with visa restriction must also pay.